What do guys get happy about?

What do guys get all happy and ecstatic about?

Nope, not talking about anything sexual.

Just about life in general.

See, I have this notion in my head that guys just don't show any emotion. I guess it's cause of my dad. He's one of those "strong-silent" types. I've never seen him get excited about anything. And I don't have much interaction with guys to see any differently. I honestly can't imagine a guy getting all jumpy and giddy over something they saw/heard (/smelled? lol) or a bit of news they have or something that happened to them. Do they?

Reason I ask is because a friend I'm still getting to know has this boyfriend that kept texting her incessantly while we were in class. She waited until break to check her messages. When she looked at her phone, she just laughed and rolled her eyes then showed me the messages. It was, what must've been 30 texts: "Are you out of class yet?!", "I have something exciting to tell you!", "Are you out?!", "It's such AWESOME news!"… and so on. Then my friend went on to tell me that he always acts that way if something exciting happened to him at work or something. I smiled, thinking, "That's so sweet," because they were acting like how me and my best friend act: getting all squealy and happy over stupid, little things in life. But me and my friend are GIRLS! I can comprehend a girl getting that way. But a guy? I was just left thinking, "Really? Guys can show this much emotion? Guys can get EXCITED about things in life?"

Side note: I don't mean to sound like I'm not giving credit to guys and being all condescending about them. I just don't get a lot of male interaction anymore (moved to a new town). I think the male gender is an absolute mystery- a GOOD one!


I know girls get all happy and giggly when, let's say,

their magazine comes in the mail, they found the perfect shoes, a boy smiled at them, even something as simple as getting a good grade or having the best lunch ever. Dumb things I get excited over is the perfect shuffle happening on my iPod, getting the end piece of French bread, finding a pretty leaf, getting new paint (I'm an artist) or, once I found a stray balloon on campus- I got all happy and took it home. Silly, small things that just slap a smile on your face. Or news that makes you so giddy that you HAVE to run to your best mate to tell them all about it.

So, to the guys,


To the girls:

Has a guy in your life acted the way my friends boyfriend did? What happened? Tell me a story!

Or are you like my dad? Never passing any emotion across your face at all? (He didn't even crack a smile at my high school grad! I was positive that would get him!)

Sorry about the length!


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  • Guys do have emotions, whether or not we show it is dependent on the type of guy, the situation, the people we are with, and the fact that guys aren't supposed to show extreme emotion unless other guys are.

    Guys do feel emotion, but most of the time don't show it ( I know that I don't most of the time). If guys like something then they will show it. Like you said your friend's boyfriend was super excited to tell her something, it's because he likes her enough to be open.

    Ummm... but as to the part where you don't understand guys? You aren't supposed to, guys complain all the time that girls are impossible to understand. I think that's the way it should be.

    • I guess that's true too, about him being comfortable with her, I just had never experienced a guys excited emotions before, even if it was indirect. I know guys have emotions, haha, I was just looking for experiences or stories :) Have any?

      I agree with the mystery bit! I didn't mean I wanted to understand guys, just get to know this side of guys, you know?

  • I'm beginning to realize, yeah, a lot of girls think guys don't show emotion. Some of us don't, I guess. But we certainly do have emotions, though it's surprises even me when I don't show it sometimes.

    Example: I had mock trial at University this semester (training for being a trial attorney) and the morning of the tournament (about 10 teams from different schools around the Southeast showed up) I'm sitting there with my teammates, going over my pre-written closing arguments, my cross and direct, and feeling incredibly nervous. Horribly.

    But the captain of the team made a comment that I was "cool as a cat," not nervous at all, and the other teammates thought the same thing. I had to actually say, "I'm nervous, just like the rest of you."

    That aside, what makes us happy? Well, this morning after a boring church service, I ran to the store to get a birthday card for my mom. And the store had free coffee, and they had a discount running on the hallmark cards, so $7 turned into $4. And on the way out, this gorgeous brunette was walking in. I smiled, and she met my eyes and smiled back.

    This made me a happy, lol, cheered me up for a bit.

    • Glad I'm not being completely naive in thinking this about guys!

      But now that I think about it, discounts and FREE (!) stuff makes EVERYONE happy! Should've thought of that, d'oh!

      I never thought small smiles like that ever really get that much of a reaction. Makes me happy in knowing that :) (I am a "smile-at-everyone" type of girl. Just can't help but smile at people)

      Hope you did super awesomely with your mock trial!

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