Is he interested or.......?

There was this guy, he saw me in the nurses office on Monday. I didn't think anything of it, because I didn't feel good and I wasn't paying attention. Right after I left school to get sent home, he went to my instagram, I guess he was following me, and he and I had a conversation on my picture with me and then he asked for my number, so we texted everyday until today, me and him snapchatted ( for those who don't know what that is, it is a picture app where you send pictures back and forth to one another, and you can type things to them ) for like the past 3 days and occasionally, he would be like, " you're so gorgeous!" like a lot, but after last night, he hasn't talked to me, I tried not texting him, and about 30 minutes ago I gave in. am I over-reacting? or is he avoiding me? he opened my snapchat last night, but didn't respond. I don't know why I'm getting so upset over this!


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  • Well he either actually likes you or he's going through methods of making you want to send nudes in about a week.


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  • A guy doesn't really say "You're so gorgeous" to a girl he isn't interested in, he sounds more like he's just playing a game (by that I mean, trying to play it cool, not seem too needy that sort of thing).

    It does sound a bit like you're overreacting, it's a pretty common way guys act that I've noticed sometimes.

    It definitely sounds like he's interested, so if you like him, maybe you try contacting him for a bit.

    • its just I've gotten hurt so many times, that I tend to overreact and over think everything. if he doesn't text me back at all tonight should I try to text him tomorrow morning or is that to clingy?

    • I know how you feel and to be honest, we (girls) tend to overreact and over think a lot of times if I'm being honest, I can do the same too.

      If he doesn't reply, I'd give it a day or 2 and see what happens, if nothing happens then try texting him again and just ask why he seems busy.

      There could always be a genuine reason as to why he's busy right now as well.

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