Is he interested or just playing me?

A couple of months ago this guy and I were "seeing each other"

Then all of a sudden he told me he wasn't interested in me romantically and wasn't really interested in talking to me any more. I was a little upset but none the less I wasn't going to continuously message him or call him because that would annoy him.

So I thought id just leave it and if he changes his mind he will text/call me or ask to catch up. He has text me a few times but not called. After 2 months of not seeing each other we caught up the other night and he started accusing me of ignoring him (even though every time he text me I text back, I even text him first occasionally) and even when I repeated to him that he said he wasn't interested romantically he denied ever saying anything like that - so basically saying I just out of the blue ignored him and never saw him again (not true)

When we did catch up after that 2 months we kissed a few times.

So I'm confused, does this mean if he is denying every saying he's not interested and stuff, and the fact he kissed me and the fact he got annoyed Because I didn't talk to him that he is interested in me still or what?

Guys help! Because I like this guy a lot and have even when we weren't talking...and I don't know what to do. Sorry if its all a bit confusing.


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  • i would say he is just playing with you. any guy that acts like that just wants something from you.

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