I started talking to several people on a dating site and now I don't know what to do!!!

I have been trying the internet dating thing (I work so much I never get out to meet anyone!)

What I was doing was only answering one guy at a time and seeing if there was any kind of connection.

But after a recent experience with a guy that I really liked (he just stopped calling) I started talking to a lot of different guys and many have now given me their phone numbers and I have no clue how to handle this.

Do I tell them I am talking to several different men or do they assume that is what I am doing?

I also have a full box of messages of men I am not interested in and several keep emailing over and over but I don't answer, am I suppose to tell them I am not interested in them?


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  • I'm not entirely sure how to answer your question, but I'm stopping by to tell you that I just jooined an online dating site as well, so I'm confused about dating site ettiquette as well!

    I've always made fun of them and what not, but I figured why not...what'll I have to lose. Anyway, if ifs a website such as plenty of fish or okdate, I've been told to stay away from those. Anybody and anyone can get on those and you never know about who you're talking to...on the other hand, if you're on a website like match or eharmony, theyre monitored and much safer...thats my suggestion.

    Unlike you, I'm having the exact opposite problem...nobodys contacted me except one, and she's not really a match for me. What you have to ask yourself on the other hand, is what do you want? Are you looking for a stable relationship or just to make new friends and hope that something happens with one of them? My best suggestion is take the time to communicate with 4-5 of your favorite guys. Don't worry about replying to the ones you're not interested in...theres plenty of girls who have ignored me, and I'm not really hurt lol

    Use this to your benefit and hopefully, out of the 4 or 5, you can choose one that's for you. But consider yourself lucky!

  • Well. Welcome to the dating world. Lol

    No. Don't tell them your dating others to find a match. No man likes to hear that. Just enjoy the attention until you find that special one.

    And no, not needed to contact those your not interested in unless you had a date already.

    And it is hit or miss. You may like them but they may not be attracted toyon. No loss as you will feel the same way. Take it slow and enjoy the attention.

    It's a new day for you, so be yourself and except nothing less than what you want.

    Good luck and happy holidays.


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