I have a date from match...

I joined match.com, so I guess my first question is, has anyone have success with it?

After just a week, I've been talking to a girl on there, and we exchanged numbers. We scheduled a meet at a restaurant this weekend. My question is, what is first date/meet ettiquette when you meet someone for the first time after talking on match? How do you act? Do you greet them with a handshake? A hug? What do I do?


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  • Guess depends on how your conversations have been going online...if you have developed somewhat of a connection - a quick kiss on the cheek may be OK or just a brief hug (essentially whatever feels natural when the moment happens). There is no real etiquette, every first date is different and unique, no matter if you met on a dating site or got set up by friends or whatever it may be. Go with whatever feels right!


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