Haven't heard from him..

We've only had 2 dates so far..

The dates were great, even after the second date, he would texted me saying thanks for the wonderful dinner and great company.

He mentioned about being exclusive on the second date..which I replied kinda bluntly because I didn't expect it this soon.

we've been pretty much texted everyday (though we didn't like texting back and forth, but we always replied for each others' texts)

last Friday, he didn't reply mine so I was wondering what he's been up to... I texted him what's going on, and that night he texted me saying his mom isn't feeling well, he's been at the hospital whole day. The next day, he texted saying his mom's getting surgery, so he will be there.. and he will be reaching out to me sometime during the next week.

I understand he can't text back and forth while his mom just had surgery and prob is on her recovery..

but can't he even send me a quick text asking how am I up to..?

I know I sound so selfish, but I never had this kind of problem before so I'm asking you guys... Should I be worried in this case?

I met him on dating site, and he's logged on to the site even the day his mom's surgery..

even it was just quick check, if he had time to do so, why not texting me..? maybe he didn't want to carry on the conversation..?

I know he is not the guy who just makes up excuse about his mom to avoid me.. so I'm pretty sure he's being honest. but if he cares about me, wouldn't he has been texting already..?


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  • Don't over think please,lol

    seems like he just want to devote his time to a family member..

    so he won't seem desperate or clingy to you .

    just wait it out . it's a matter of a week or two .. don't ruin your chances for him by thinking too much and putting too much effort :)


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  • this is the sadiest part of all relationship space let him do his thing and he will respect you for it and come back to you asap..just find somethng to do XD jeez

  • If my mom was at a hospital, id focus on her 100% and forget everyone else. Just send him a text saying, I know you're having a ruff time, give me a quick text so I know you're OK. I hope your mom recovers fast.


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