I can't tell if he has any legit interest in me or not. what do you think?

so there is this guy I am really attracted to and interested in dating. we have hung out a couple times (once in a group friend setting and once just us at his house). the first time we hung out away from the pool hall/bar at our friends house, we both ended up staying the night and spooning/cuddling all night on the couch together. the night I went over to his house I ended up staying the night and we actually had sex together. I text him a few hours after leaving his house the next morning saying I don't know about you but I enjoyed myself last night, he text me about an hour or two later saying so did he and that he didn't wanna get up this morning. we texted a few times. I am usually the first to text him, and sometimes it takes him hours to respond, other times he don't reply until the next day. I can't tell if he has any legit interest in me or not. what do you think?


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  • Don't get overworked by this, he may be a busy guy or may misplace his phone every now and then. He may not know how to respond to certain things and might just not respond to it at all. He might of been tired and didn't feel like having you over if he was just going to fall asleep. Just don't think that it's a big deal.

    OR, he might be nice, but wants just a short fling or something. He might have gone out with another girl, because the relationship doesn't seem serious, it's just sex to him. Honestly, sex right away doesn't seem like it would spark anything for a guy, unless he's desperate.

    If you see him more, then watch how he acts around other girls, and if he looks at their butt or breasts then he is more likely to only be in it for the sex. But if he doesn't seem like he's focused on other girls then it might be your fault for giving up sex too easy and that would really ruin your chances of having a serious relationship with him.

    Just watch his behavior when around him, and don't over think it.


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  • Don't always be the first one to text.. if he wants to behave with you like this again and again repeatedly then you should ignore him...

    If I would in your place , I would wait it out till a week or two if she acts like this..

    don't be too available... ^_^

  • agree with all the posters here. You clearly made your intentions and feelings clear. The ball is in his court. what you have to find out now is if for him it was just a fling or if he does have deeper feelings. But let him make the next move

  • I think you made your intentions clear, the ball is in his court. Don't text him till he texts you and wait till he asks you to hangout and if he asks to hangout talk about how you feel and if he doesn't text or call. Then you got your answer about the situation.


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