Guys, is it possible for this to happen after you dated a girl....?

I have been flirting with this dude for few months online so we decided to see each other.During the meet up he was fine and comfortable with me but few days after that he seem avoided me.So I was wondering if I did something wrong.I confront him about this and he told me he feels intimidate and shy with me because he is unattractive and I am pretty.He told me he was uncomfortable when people were keep looking at us.I get complimented a lot but I always respect and regard everyone is equal.I dated average looking guys too before.I just don't understand why would he acted this way? What should I tell him?


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  • Yes, most guys will react to that because most guys have this "she's-out-of-my-league" mentality, and that prevents them from taking a move.

    I think it's best that you assure him that you like him no matter who he is, and is willing to accept who he is not just for his appearance but because of how he carries himself around you. = )


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