How to deal with an ex?

I have an ex girlfriend who I've been broken up with for about 6 years...I know it's been a long time... but like clockwork several times a year she'll text me from some number, asking how I'm doing and stuff like that. The brief conversations usually end with me saying something like "I hope you're doing ok", and then never hearing back. So about a 2 weeks ago she sent her normal "hi..." text. I never responded

I find it to be intrusive and pretty annoying but there is a part of me that still cares. (don't know that it matters but the girl does suffer from bi-polar disorder among)

a few questions:

-Why does she initiate texting these texts but never really talks beyond the superficial (is this you? what's up)?

-Should I respond to her text from last month?

-Should I respond to future texts?

I am dating someone and although I do not have feelings (aside from general concern)

-would it bother you that my ex was texting me and that I respond?


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  • this sounds like me and my ex...except it hasn't been 6 years...yet... This is about the time I contact him... around the holidays I really miss him. I am bipolar...well let's just say crazy, there are too many things to list! I think he just talks to me because he is concerned about me... I don't think he has feelings for me...idk it drives me nuts I wish I knew... If he had a girlfriend I would not want him to text me back, it would be too painful. I would get the picture and move on... it actually bothers me that he takes my crap and won't just ignore me... It makes me so confused, because I've made it clear I still like him, but he is always on the fence. You should just tell her how you feel about her random texts... or just ignore them.


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  • Maybe she just wants to be friends? After that many years I think feelings are gone now, though I'd think. So yeah, you could answer her, but stay short but friendly. But if it's only "hi" she texts, I wouldn't even answer... Just keep it casual and let your girlfriend know about this, see what her feelings are towards the texting and then follow what you feel is right.

    • thanks for the response. I've thought at time she just wants to be friends. but there is nothing behind the weird and cryptic "hi" or "is this you?" kind of stuff. I would explore a friendship but I'm not really sure if that's what she wants and I don't want to risk much considering I'm in a happy relatinship

    • Then talk to your girlfriend about it. If she prefers you don't answer, I suggest you don't answer. Texting a couple of times a year isn't worth risking a great relationship. If she says she has no problems with it, ask her if she's sure, then maybe you can answer the next time she texts.

      If you notice that your ex is getting flirty, let her firmly know you're in a happy relationship and aren't interested in her.

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