Can you find a missing spark with someone?


I met this girl on an online dating site, we had a date it went really well.

We have now been out 4 times and she has been to my flat to meet my housemate.

now over the last few weeks (weve still been out since) she has been indecisive.

so I'm amazing I'm perfect for her she doesn't know why she doesn't want me because I'm what she wants.

so last night after she leaves she asks me do I have feelings for her. I say yes every time I see you I do like you more.

so she then says I don't know why but I don't feel it, today comes round and we are talking again about random things, we tease we laugh we are perfect together. she asked what my housemate thought of her I said amazing its like we have been together for ages.

now she says I don't feel a spark but I love being with you around you etc.

can you ever bring a spark out of hiding and actually make what is meant to be work? she finds me attractive and I likewise about her.

its all so good but this spark is ruining it all.

what am I missing here or not having here?

does she want me to sweep her off her feet ( I assume not) or what? and clearly we speak everyday we see each other yet I still get the I'm glad I have you as a friend in my life and wouldn't change anything about you thing.

or am I firmly in the its not going to change ever friend list. and why if I'm so perfect, I don't believe that she would say these things if deep down she didn't mean it she's not that way inclined,


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  • It's probably not meant to be if there's no spark. You can't force these things. You can quite often like people, but to like them in that very special way is rare.

    I don't think there's a point in torturing yourself and waiting for her to find that spark. Wouldn't you rather be with a girl who has the spark and doesn't need to look for it? Stop being so focused on her and find a girl who's better suited for you. Even though you say "it's meant to be" it is quite apparent that it is not, in fact, meant to be.

    • hey.

      thanks for the reply. my issue here is that if this is all so good apart from the obvious lack of...what is spark then. I don't have issues meeting women but I guess I don't have a clue how to read you.

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