Why hasn't he called again?

OK so I'm confused. Not upset really, but kinda of confused...maybe a TINY bit bummed out lol. OK maybe a little more than tiny bit. BUT trying to be level-headed about it. Two great dates with this one guy. Last one being an all-day one where we have a great time. But we didn't even kiss yet. Both times at end of night he seemed really nervous. But would text me when he got home and say what a great time he had. And we made plans for third date last week. On Friday he picked up his kids and said he would contact me Saturday. Never did. Haven't heard from him since. I kinda don't get it. I def didn't suffocate him...and at same time def didn't play games...he knows I like him. Did he just suddenly lose interest and not even have the balls to tell me? It's been 3 days..since we started talking until these past three days, we chatted for a bit every day. Should I cut my losses and assume he changed his mind?


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  • he could just be busy. you said he has kids? well believe me, we can keep a parent busy busy busy. I wouldn't start freaking out yet, maybe after a week or two, but not now. I'm sure everything is okay he just hasn't had the time.

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