What do you think? Sophomore dating a senior?

I'm a sophomore and I really like this guy who did the lighting in the play I was recently in. We talked a lot during prep, rehearsals and stuff but I never saw him outside the theater because he's a junior and we have different classes.

Things were getting flirty and now we're friends on FB and talk all the time.

Whoever I tell this to just says I'm a sophomore, he's a senior, it won't work out. We couldn't even go to prom together. but I really really like him. Sweet, nice, quiet, down-to-earth.


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  • When I was a sophomore, I dated a senior. It was the longest and most serious relationship I have ever had. But it ended pretty abruptly. We started moving more towards the physical side of the relationship and eventually it was only about the sex and I thought that I should end it so I wouldn't hurt her or myself anymore than necessary. An issue that I learned quickly from that relationship was that she would be going to college the next year and I would never see her. It was a good relationship while it lasted and I wouldn't have an issue dating again with the same age gap. But a week after she started college, she already had a boyfriend and oddly enough, he was on their drumline and I am at my school. I think that it can be a very difficult age difference but very doable. If you think that he will mean that much to you, it's something that you should pursue.


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  • I dated a senior as a junior in high school and that was never a problem. (Except she graduated a year before me and that was sad).

    I've seen sophmores date seniors before too, I never thought it was strange.

    As you get older the age divide seems less and less important too.

  • I took a sophomore to my senior prom. No big deal. We did fall apart while I was in college and her still in high school though.


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