I have trouble asking girls out for second dates

Because, the first couple girls I asked for second dates ended up giving me the run around. They wouldn't tell me no outright, which led to me to do more chasing, which ended up just making me look bad and desperate. As a result I don't ask girls for second dates anymore.

Instead, I wait to see if they actually express interest in hanging out again. I can't even take "I had a good time" at face value anymore because it's just something they say. I have to just not talk to them for a while after the date and see if they ever contact me again. Is that the way to go? Otherwise I feel like I'm wasting my time.


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  • You should always express your appreciation for her coming up to your date, and ask her how your date went the day after. That would significantly increase your chances for a second date.

    And you not talking to them after a date is not the way to go. Rather, it's the opposite because girls are not designed to initiate something from a man.