I'm so insecure - how can I see my worth?

People really treat me badly, I just distance myself from these people. But I realize that your own worth isn't dependent on how people treat you.

I just don't know how I should get more self-confidence and how I should see what I'm worth..

I don't know at what level I should aim my attempts in love either, who I should try to date (because I don't know what I could offer really).

Never had a relationship before. Have dated a few guys, had a few flings too.

Could you help me?

Hope it's written clearly enough - English isn't my first language lol


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  • Throw your expectations a bone. Do something that you would really make you respect another person if they did it.

    Repeat until you're ready to address your expectations. You don't have to be perfect, or even exceptional. or special. All that's important is being happy, and part of that is matching what you expect out of the world and yourself to what you're likely to see happen.


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  • Google it. Then use what works for you. Stay clear on your goals and be secure in your own individual humanity.


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  • Focus the talents you have, and the blessings, that other people don't. I can understand what you feel. but in my case I never dated before.