When you just realize you dated a known player?

My friend hooked me up with a friend of hers, But she forgot to mention that he was a player type. And now I know. I've acted in a wrong way in front of him, that usually doesn't impress players. I think he thinks I'm obsessing over him. But the truth is I'm scared that he must be mocking me around in front of his friends or something. I only date nice guys and this one was a huge mistake. How can I make him know that he's nothing but a pathetic womanizer for me and not some Greek god?


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  • Just ignore him when he's around, don't give him attention.

    Not that it matters, he's got plenty of it from other girls.

    I hate this world, I hate players, and I'm not gonna lie, I hate the girls who get with them. It somehow makes me feel that for every girl a player gets, that's one good guy who gets the shaft.

    Of course, being a good guy doesn't entitle you to anything (in my opinion, good guys need to hit the gym and be aggressive more), but that's another story.

    • I like how you gave best answer to the ONLY answer on this board, hah.

      Well, regardless, thanks for being a girl who didn't fall for the trap. Wish more girls like you were around when I was in high school, hell, in the world.

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