Is my mind/emotional status seriously screwed up?

I'm 22...never had a serious relationship (yes, I know I'm still young...), never been kissed, never really had a "romantic", "memorable" date with a guy. I'm an only child and was born 3 months premature. I also wish I had an older brother...

My of to finish school, get a secure job, find a guy, date him for awhile (obviously lol), and then settle down and, maybe - hopefully - start a family...four legged children included! =)

I'm not exactly sure why I really want a guy so bad...I'd love to just talk, laugh, wrestle, hang out - go to concerts, out to eat, watch the stars, watch a movie, just cuddle (if that's an option it?), ride ATVs, scare people with train stuff.

I get so...bummed when I see my friends hanging on their guy in public or bragging about him when he's not around... "Oh he's so nice. He made me breakfast. He bought me this...we went here." I sorry, but I get jealous...I keep it all bottled up. =) That's good right? I don't blow up at them for talking about it? lol

I'm wondering how I can snap out of the negative, and turn it into a "Oh that's so nice that your life is PEACHY! Mine is too!"

Any suggestions? Rude comments welcome lol Example. "GROW THE F UP CRAZY LADY!" haha!


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  • You're not crazy, just love/relationships just don't really work the same way for everyone, some people find it easy to meet people, some don't, there is no right or wrong way to go about finding someone, for all you know, all your friends will spend the next 20 years still looking, while you might meet that one special someone today, tomorrow, in 10 minutes time, that's just the way it works.

    My only real advice is that if you want to meet someone, you have to go out to places where people are, so go out more and don't really worry about meeting someone, just go out to have fun and you'll find someone, most likely when you least expect it.


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  • hi sweetie

    tbh it sounds like you have a wicked sense of humor. it also sounds like your very lonely and need a big hug. I'd give you one if I was close to you but I don't think I am. we are designed by nature to want to need someone someone to have and to hold to be a best friend a lover and a confident. all of these things are lovely and neccesary. some people can get jealous when they are not getting it. the thing is it is not your friends fault and there is no point in get jealous with them. personally I so understand your plight I don't have anyone and have not had anyone in a long time. I sometimes hug a pillow at night in bed at night I get so lonely yea sad I know. the thing is I am not the easiest to live with. we are designed to be social creatures and when we step out of the par it hurts deep down. when you find someone you will feel a lot better I the meantime converse online with me or someone else

  • be glad you don't have to initiate


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