Why is he being distant??

Long story short...he is usually the one that initiates contact but for the past week he hasn't. If I text him he will reply but last week.we went the entire week without contact until I called him..he said he has been tied up with work and that the phone works both.ways. but why can't he call or text when he gets off? I bought to his attn.that I barley hear from him and he said but he's not.going anywhere and that there is no other woman. But what else could it be? Advice please


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  • be patient..dont contact him for a while..if he actually wants to pursue you he will.

    • Well today he texted me but I was short with him I'm not sure what's his deal.

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  • He may truly be busy but even if so a simple text is not hard to do. Try to initiate some more because you said he usually does. He may be testing you to see if you care as he does.

    • For the past 4 days I have been initiating. What else must I do.

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    • And that maybe why he is doing it. Think about it ..if you lay low he will start to wonder where is she? Change up the routine! It will make him think about you more believe me!

    • Yea well today he text me asking how are things. I was short with him. I'm not sure what games he's playing