Text or call after messaging "emailing" from online dating?

I emailed this girl back and forth for a week, and then when she started gave me a one word answer, I gave her my number. She responded by giving me her number. Less than 3 days passed and I texted her. She responded with only "Hey" 3 hours later. Now I'm probably wrong but this made me feel like she has some sort of developmental problem "between the ears" to put it nicely, especially since I had asked her a question in my text. I had just gone to bed so I responded saying "good to hear from you, but I have to get to bed (reason went here) so we'll have to talk later". It has been 24 hours, what do I do now? Some girls stop responding if you text them, others stop responding if you call them, and I don't know which type she is. Or should I move on since it's probably already over?

I called her. It went to voice mail. Her voice mail made her sound pretty shy. I'm guessing she's either not interested, couldn't answer the phone, or was too afraid to answer the phone. Oh well, I'm more proud of the fact that I called her =)


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  • Maybe she changed her mind about you, or maybe she found someone else. Either way, I'd say she's probably not interested. Best to move on.

  • she sure isn't putting a lot of effort into trying to talk to you, that's for sure. Either that or she's playing REALLY hard to get...


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