In public if you liked a girl, would you ignore her?

We have been on a few dates... And we were suppose to go out last night but I decided not to. Basically I saw him during the day at this private gym where certain members go and he saw me and said nothing! :0 I couldn't believe it and you expect us to date when you can't even say hi or talk to me in public what's going on here! Am I overreacting or was he being rude... Guys why would you ignore a girl you like and want to date I'm so turned off


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  • He was certainly sending a message. Perhaps, not the sort of message you are ready for.

    Generally, I would surmise that, in his book, a couple of dates does not make you a couple. He is basically not sure of you yet, or of how much he really fancies you, which is why, when on his turf, he chose not to greet you (which is rude) and introduce you to his fellow members (which is not).

    A bit of common courtesy is never amiss - whether you have been on a few dates or not, so long as two people know each other, it is basic manners to greet the other, even if it is just a 'hi'. So, on this count, he was being uncivil.

    As to not taking a break to have a chat with you, this could be the normal reaction of someone who is not sure of whether he feels like being seen in public with a particular girl. It is, after all, his gym where he knows quite a few of the people, and where, if seen to be in a conversation with you, he is likely to be asked about it and you. So he chose to hold his horses.

    It can be said he was rude to an extent, but, in my view, the second consideration (of not being seen with you) overrode the first one (of being civil and greeting you with at least a 'hi') in his mind, so he did nothing. Such people are usually called socially awkward, because this implies some unskillfulness with the social graces, whereas rudeness is a deliberate affront.

    I don't think he was deliberately rude, just awkward. But you do have a right to not take kindly to not being greeted.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and make me understand more of what's going on . It was rude I feel, whether we were on our way to being a official couple or being just friends. He didn't even have the courtesy to say hi or approach me... Not attractive if a guy isn't gutsy

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