Are my chances ruined?

So, tonight I went on a date with a girl that I really do like. She lives on the other side of town, in an area that I'm not so familiar with, so I go on Yelp and look up a good place. I find a Thai place with lots of great reviews.

So, here in Los Angeles, the county makes restaurants post letter grades on their doors that they score on their health and safety inspection.This place that had shining reviews (over 100 people rated at least 4 of 5 stars) scored a B on the inspection. I completely overlooked this detail and assumed that it had a good review because so many people had good things to say.

I am not personally put off by stuff like this, but I don't want to take a first date to a place like this. You can only imagine how I felt when we pulled up. We decided to give it a shot anyways. (I was hoping to God that the food would make up for the grade. I hadn't made a backup plan because I thought this place would be good. Plus I don't know the area).

Unfortunately, the food was mediocre and there was a tiny hair on her plate. The inside was nice enough, but the service wasn't so good. I did my best at the date and we got coffee and hung out for a while after, but I think it really set a bad tone.

She texted me and thanked me for a nice night on the way home. I just don't think it's fair that it went down the way it did. So many of these bumps were out of my control. Did I really blow it this time? If it doesn't work out, I'll be really bummed...


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  • I can't imagine a poor restaurant choice would do that. Before I met my current boyfriend, I was serial dating because I didn't want to simply settle for the first guy I went on a date with and it went 'ok'.

    One guy took me to a restaurant that was usually good but had an A/C issue that day. I didn't judge him on that, the date itself went fine and we got along decently enough. I opted to see him again to see where things would go but in that case, we just didn't have enough interest. Adversely I went on a blah date at a FANTASTIC place with a different didn't make us click 'better'.

    My current boyfriend and I hit it off from date one but it had nothing to do with our restaurant choice and everything to do with our easy compatibility almost right away. It was just there. The...warmth...the mutual enjoyment...the mutual attraction...the shared sense of humor.

    I think... that...if it's there...the restaurant won't matter. If it isn't there...the restaurant won't matter. And if she decides the relationship's continuance based on that, it probably is an excuse and you'll find someone worthwhile.

    • Thanks for the answer! I just feel so terrible about the whole thing. It leaves such a bad impression. I was having a bit of an off night too so I wasn't as charismatic and funny as I know I could be. I normally kick butt at dating but so much stuff went wrong tonight.

      I really hope she sees beyond the restaurant and gives me another chance. I would hate to lose such a good catch because of some dumb restaurant.

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