What's my ex up to....?

Ok. Short version

Broke up a month and a half ago.

Was wasted, text him one night incoherent dribble. He wrote back twice that night a few hours apart to clarify what I had said. I never wrote back.

Then the other day he text me saying how weird it was seeing things of mine and Facebook and not being able to look at them. (I have blocked him)

This ended in two days of pretty much non stop texting... which tonight somehow ended up being a discussion of how everyone else is a dud root etc... he started it. We also discussed how other people are stupid / boring / etc.

It got a bit out of control and ended up him suggesting we do it... I said it was a bad idea for me cause feelings etc... he said it was risky for him too and agreed we shouldn't. It didn't take long but the conversation returned to it and again he suggested it. I said no and I was going to bed... he said OK and wished me a good sleep etc.

Just wants sex?

Some feelings?

What do you think?


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  • Personally I think he just desired sex and I applaud you for standing your ground.


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