What does it mean when a man says I will call you tomorrow and then waits two or three days to call?

Went out on our second date.

And we had another great time together. He gave me several tender kisses good night and said "I will call you tomorrow."

He sends me a text message right afterwards saying "You looked great tonight".

It's now day two and he hasn't called.

He has said I will call you tomorrow before and then waited two and three days to call me.

Why be specific and say "I'll call tomorrow" instead of simply saying I'll call you soon or I will call you during the week sometime? Is that a man thing?


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  • He may gotten busy or forgotten. Ask him about sometime.

    Since he's said 'I'll you tomorrow' and then waited two or three days to call you back a couple of times, it's worth asking for a clarification. I doubt he means any harm by it. I've come across a lot of people, both guys and girls, who have said' I'll call you a certain day or week' and haven't done so.


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