What's a good rapport building text?

Just met a girl a couple days ago and I want to text her but not creep her out or anything... Just need something safe to text her that will show I'm interested, etc.


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  • "Hi :smileyface:"

    if she remembers you she will probably return with the same text.

    ur next text should say "really had fun doing so and so (w/e you did when you met) we should hang out" or something like "really glad I met you, we should hang out sometime" or even better, have a date lined up and say "i need someone to go /wherever/ and really wanted to get to know you better, want to be my date?"

    u don't know her that well to ask "whats up" or "what are you doing" or lead with "we should hang out"

    this is pretty much the basics that will work almost every time. personally, id be more creative, but considering your asking this online, you should start with the basics.

  • Are you free to grab coffee/tea sometime this weekend?

    That's it. Don't be texting conversations with this girl, that's weak. Ask her out on a first "casual" date and get to know her like real person, don't be some speech bubble on her phone.

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