Guys, how would you feel if the girl you are dating told you she wanted a hug?

I´m dating a guy who is very sweet and cute and I love spending time with him and like him very much. We have been seeing each other for like 3 weeks now. We like similar things, so we go out a lot.

We haven´t even kissed yet, but there is a lot of tension between us, but we are both very shy.

I need a lot of physical contact and affection. And all I can think about is getting a hug from him. I have this irresistible urge to just fall in his arms and hold him very tight and smell his hair and close my eyes...

if he kisses me after the hug, that´s great, but I just want to hold him.

Guys, how would you feel about this? Would you find it weird or sweet?


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  • Don't ask for one, just lean and give him one when you're having a good time. Also, make a point of exposing your neck and cheeks when your near him so they are angled in such a way that he can get the hint you'd like to be kissed. Having a conversation about this would be more awkward than actually just leaning in and hugging him. If you do that, you'll be in better shape.


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  • Id melt and feel happy :)

  • Give him a hug and kiss his face. Then he might get the hint to kiss you.


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