Is it weird to text him and say good night?

casually seeing each other for a few weeks, and most of that time I had been spending the night with him, but came home today to take care of somethings, would it be weird to text him good night. I mean I don't tell him good night when I am their we just fall asleep. but I am kinda thinking about him and was wondering if by saying good night it would at least show him I was thinking about him, because I havent' called or text all day.


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  • It would sound like puppy dog love to me.

    • so it is a bad ideal? what is it that guys want out of girls anyways. do you want us to show we think about yal?

    • Nothing wrong with puppy dog love. But who knows maybe 1%, 5%, 10% of people might not like it. I don't know.

    • so I decided not to text good night, don't want to look like a teenager lol.. he is older and figured he might not be into that. so I called today and no answer. how long should I wait to call back?

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