Dating site problems

So I only met this guy about two months ago we were going strong getting along great but he had a three week business trip to Europe and he's getting back on Sunday the first two weeks he was texting or calling often but this week he's just not doing nothing. He will text back half-hearted if I text him so I didn't text him today and I didn't get a text until nearly 11pm and somehow I felt that text wasn't even meant for me as it seemed to jump into the middle of a conversation

This week I was wondering why he hasn't been texting and I checked the site we met on and he's been on there a lot this week.

I called him out on it and he said a girl had said hi to him. But he's clearly been replying. Should I just forget about him?


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  • I should have just read the last question.


    I know it's not a long answer, but it doesn't require one.

    • I should just forget him even though he was initiated a lot at the beginning of his trip

      But isn't now?

      We aren't official but so should I instead try to talk to him before cutting him off?

    • I guess so ... but I just feel like it'd waste time. I know you aren't "official" but he's acting sort of sketchy-like. Maybe don't talk to him for awhile and see if he approaches you.

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  • *sigh* that's the thing with dating sites, and most importantly, with the guys you meet on dating sites. I'm really starting to hate dating sites and wish they would just disappear altogether! I've been where you are now, more than once; and I know it's not nice. I don't know what it is, I'm starting to think guys who frequent dating sites develop a form of addiction to online dating, and that chatting to random girls becomes way more important than building something with one girl.

    I'm not sure if you should forget about him. He MIGHT be a decent guy, despite everything. I don't know with guys on dating sites any he'll tell you it's his phone logging him on (they love to use that as an excuse). Maybe keep in touch but be careful you don't get hurt even more.