Have I found the perfect girl?

So there's this young lady I met almost a year ago. When we first met, we seemed to get along great! We got to know each other and now we're great friends! She seems perfect!

We both agree that both men and women should be paying 50-50 on dates, that women shouldn't hit men, and certain groups of people confuse us! We see each other almost every Sunday and we care for each other as if we are dating. Some people wonder if we ARE dating!

So should I make her my girl? Have I found the perfect one? Is it too early in our friendship to ask her?

Right now I am starting to question if I should really ask. I don't know if it's worth it. The past couple of days have shown me that a majority of women are pretty similar. You only get lucky with the few. Is it still worth trying? Long story as to why I wrote this update, but I felt it necessary to post an update...
So I've asked her earlier today and she said she needed to think about it. I'm going to get an answer later tonight.
Well, she said no. It's a bit disappointing, but it is what it is...


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  • Have you found the perfect girl? - You can answer that yourself.

    Do you guys get flirty or touchy? (Doesn't even have to be sex)

    You guys enjoy each others' company. - I'd say go for it. What do you have to lose?

    I mean, the worse she can do is friend-zone you.

    • She really enjoys my company, and she tries to get as much time as she can in when we hang out! Sometimes we do a hug or two when we hang out...

      I remembered her ex was giving her a hard time through text messages and she was feeling bad. What I did is something bold: I put my arm around her and held her tight, and she seemed like she liked it. Could she have taken this as friendly?

      We're not exactly flirting a whole lot. We both get nervous easily.

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    • Damn. I'm sorry about her friend zoning you. Now, you can move on.

      It happens.

    • It's whatever. I honestly didn't even expect hee to say yes, anyways, but it was worth a try. I'm okay with keeping the friendship, but yeah, I do have to move on...


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  • Just ask, she sounds like she is interested. Make your feelings known then at least you can say you tried.


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