Is it bad that I didn't pick up his call but texted the next morning?

So a guy I'm interested in called me at midnight but my family was asleep and I didn't want to make noise so I didn't pick up. The next day I texted him apologizing for not picking up the call because "i fell asleep"

What would a guy think about that? He hasn't tried calling but texts, short texts.

  • He thinks I'm not interested
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  • He thinks I'm playing games
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  • He is teasing me by not calling again after I apologized
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  • He isn't that interested
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Thanks for the advice, I always make conclusions and think the worst. I guess I just want us to talk more like we once did, why does he have to text goodnight sweet dreams:) or hey:) then when I reply he texts hours later or the next day, and he will like pics on my instagram.


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  • The best advice I can think to give, is don't let your paranoia influence your actions. I tend to analyze things too deeply, which leads to over-complication and more misunderstanding. Chopping up something into smaller pieces does not make it easier to see. It is a personal struggle of mine so I do understand why you think he may be pulling back for fear you are not interested, (the most common possible scenario which could apply in my opinion). Unfortunately, most males tend to send short and not so well thought out text messages for whatever reason. Just go with it and attempt to get to know him better with friendly conversation until you can truly find out what kind of person he is.


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  • I think you're thinking too much. As long as you two keep communicating one way or another, there's no point in splitting hairs in how you do it. He called at might night, a lot of people are in bed by that time. Once again, no need to worry, continue to call and text like normal.

  • Your thinking way too much into this. Unless I was a needy guy, which I'm not, I wouldn't trip at all. I would have assumed that you were busy, or sleeping, and I'll catch up with you later. You should never have to apologize for any action of yours that did not harm anyone else.


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  • Don't over react

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