When a date tells you he is sexual? What did I do wrong?

I met a great guy almost 2 weeks ago and we are dating (not boyfriend and gf). We've been having a blast together! We last hung out Friday and now its finals week for me and I work and I've been crazy busy this week. Since I know we aren't together and that he is chatting with someone else but not serious about it (he is brutally honest), I never really took him seriously because we Haven't gotten to the point where we are exclusive yet. So, I try not to smother him esp since he's is not my boyfriend and its only been almost 3 weeks. But just yesterday he told me that he is finding it harder than he thought to balance talking to 2 people at the same time and that he wants me..."I like you and want to give you more effort." I told him basically that I like him too. He says "I just don't want to waste your time hun" I asked him why would he say that, "us not hanging out or talking as much..and I'm really sexual" I told him just don't rush it with me until you're ready he said you're right. Later that night, I asked him what made him say that he said "because we don't talk that much." So I text him this morning and he hasn't responded yet. What is really going on? I felt like I didn't want to smother him esp since I didn't think he was serious about me. I did text him mon-today but not a full conversation. He seems mad at me and I don't know why? Did I do something? Help?


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  • He is not mad at you, he is merely playing with you. Let him go. If a guy show he does not respect you in the beginning of the relationship, it will not change. If he was respectful of you he would understand that you have to take time to prepare for your finals. He would do all he can to make sure you had what you needed to be successful. I would just let him go to the other person, you deserve someone who show you respect and consideration.