She texts me random thoughts - Do I start a conversation?

This girl lightly rejected me and said we could still be friends, I'm OK with that.

Now though she's been texting me random thoughts/random funny things about her day. Am I suppose to simply comment back on it? Or am I supposed to make a conversation out of it?

I know this question is a bit silly, but I don't wanna come across as clingy by starting a conversation over something she observed that day.

Here's a good example:

Her: "OMG Today at work (bla bla bla)

Either I could go:

A: Wow, that's awesome!


B: Really? Funny thing is today (bla bla bla happened)

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Reason I'm asking this quesiton is because I don't want to be the "nice" guy. I'm trying to break that thought of me being her "nice friend" in her head


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  • Well, if you're trying not to be seen has that "nice" guy then keeps your replies short.

    You already stated what you wanted, and she isn't giving you that (so you shouldn't really waste any more of your time.)

    You can't really change whether someone sees you in that way or not.

    You just have to be accepting of it.

  • Make a comment but nothing too keen if you want her interested in you, for example :


    I just saw that amazing street artist in town today, you know him? He started drawing my mate and it was hilarious


    Hahahha yeah I've seen, but not as good as "pick favorite artist" ;)

    Basically, be a bit of a challenge, don't be amazingly impressed by anything she says. Keep texts short for now and let her do most of the talking. My example was rubbish, but hope got across what I mean :) try and be witty

    • That's actually a good idea, will do! It's true that girls don't like guys who always agree with them, then they might as well talk to a wall

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    • no! no! no! Don't let her go! tell her you were joking! why didn't you use a winky face?! haha

    • lol oh well, next time I'll remember!

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