Does he even like me?

I have been texting this sweet guy for more than a month. We finally went on a short date this week. he told me before the date that he wanted to be the guy that I might fall in love with. We texted each other mostly every day and it was so easy and never got bored. he was supportive of the lose in my family and I thought he cared alot. We went to starbucks on the that eand he forgot his money so I payed. Is that bad? we had a great date and it was alittle award at times but we laughed through it. It ended with a hug. When I got home he messaged me how I was beautiful and funny and how I made I'm happy seeing him. on the that I asked him to hangout Friday and he said yes and we were going to see the tree Sunday too. now he doesn't even message me and hen he does its like 8 hours after I text him. he texted me this morning telling me that he is busy and can't hangout. did I do something wrong?


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  • Chillll girl! Nobody would say stuff like that if they didn't like you! By the way I think your too pretty for someone to just stop talking to you like that ;)

    • nah he told me today that he wants to bang me and won't date me because I won't bang him after a month. he told me sorry and bye. so me and him are done. I'm going to be single forever I never had a boyfriend and I'm 17

    • Well I'm 16 and single so lets mourn together

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