I feel like I'll never get over him

A year ago I had the most wonderful romance with the most perfect guy. He was the definition of beautiful. Super tall, muscular, thick hair, tan, blue eyes. Like every time I was with him girls were staring.

He ended up breaking my heart, cheating on me, and generally breaking down my self esteem, but I'm still obsessed. He was like more than a guy I was dating...he was my ultimate crush and he was like everything I wanted.

I went on some dates after him, but it always went no where. Like I tried to rebound, but it never happened. Then this spring I started being really outgoing and asking guys out. For one reason or another I always get rejected.

I know I'll get over this guy if I just have someone even half as lovely to fill the void, but I can't find anyone and the more I'm rejected the more it hurts and the more I miss him.

Help me.


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  • First off, you have to learn to love yourself, before you can love someone else. It's completely normal for you to feel that way as far as not being over him, as you will never forget your first love. However, if he was the 'perfect' guy, he would've also treated you with respect instead of cheating or treating you in a manner that is below what you deserve. If it helps, look at yourself in the mirror and say this: "This is me, in all my splendor, and it doesn't get better than this." Keep saying that to yourself until you believe it. In the mean time, just clear out all the negative energy that is in your mind at the moment. It won't be easy, just give it some time, and you will be better than ever! All it takes is a little self confidence, and it'll go a long way. Besides, you'll meet someone who is 10x better and treats you like a queen! :)

    Don't give up and keep smiling! :D


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  • Why would a guy want to be with a chick who is settling. Fix your crap before involving a dude.


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