Would it be inappropriate to text him?

Long story short, we had a thing. Hooked up (not sex) and haven't heard from him since. I was just gonna text him saying "really?" Haha.


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  • How much time ago?

    • week ago. he's never been MIA for this long. its usually daily texting

    • oh.. then just write "hey you around"...

      maybe he's just busy or went on a trip or something...

      just if you don't get the reply , don't text him again saying "why didn't you text me ?"

      lol... you know how it sounds like :P

    • If he genuinely likes you then he'll call back ^_^

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  • Do it f... it call him on his sh*t if you think he's flaking. Get ready witb humility if he's has an issue i.e. his mom died.

  • If a girl slept with me I'd for darn sure be in touch within the next couple days if I was up for an encore. He might be different, but it looks kind of like he's not interested. How was the sex? (not specific, just good bad or indifferent)

  • He'll probably think "What? What does "really?" mean?" And then be confused.

    Being confused isn't fun.


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