What can I do to make him forgive me after hurt him?

Hey,guys,i need help!

So here is the story,after my boyfriend took me to travel I back to NY,he went to LA visiting family,4days ago,he got sick and I got sick too,I was so sick and at home,he text me am I getting better?,I text him back by saying" I m not,and I wonder real boyfriend mean?hopefully there is some one else take care of me and help me move house and take me doctor,and I don't need his fancy date.bla bla...I don't know why I said that,there is no one I just created a guy make him jealous to care me more ,my boyfriend is really nice to me,bring me fancy date .take me wherever I want to go ,he treat me like princess..I don't know why I didn't show him appraciation and love but complaining him... and I even text him if he don't call me back maybe break up is good for us!

so I said such hurtful words sent to him ..,erase what he have done for me..i was so childish...now he don't talk to me anymore,.no reply text,no answer phone,I text him many apology message the next day I realized the big mistake I made...but he just never reply...I don't what to do now?is he breaking up me?i even wrote a apology letter put into the crevice of the door of his apt,he is not home,don't know if he is back to NY or not.

Now what can I do to make him forgive me?

I love him!

I believe he love me too..

But I screw up...


Plus: he is a shy .cautious guy.35yr.

We have been together 3months..love in first sight.


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  • Lol not only you acted stupid but lady you need to go back to school and work on your grammar!

  • At this point, it's all up to him right now, you hurt him and it's up to him to forgive you. I'd say leave one last message saying that you are extremely sorry, and admitting you made the guy up to make him care about you more, that if he'll forgive you that you'll never do it again. And then give him some space. He's probably still really hurt. I hope everything works out okay.

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