Would it be a red flag to date this girl ?

I mean she's tomboy type.. she wears girly,her hair is girly..likes to hang out with me and wants to see me often

but her behavior is pretty guy alike... means she always talk about guys when she's with me and tell me she can get along with guys better than girls ,is that a red flag ?

and guess what she is going to buy a motorcycle for her lol :P

previously she used to give hugs to many guys in front of me to make me jealous so because of that I left her,and she came back to me since then we haven't discussed about it ,but she knows why I left her so she don't do that in my presence.

but several days ago

she asked me on text after a hang out session that"do you like anyone?"

I indirectly told her that I like her but suddenly she got bitchy and told me "whoever you like I don't care but hope that's not me..so better leave at that "

so I haven't replied.

then she asked me "are you mad at me?lol"

next day also called me but I didn't pick it up cause I was pissed off because she got bitchy just because of I told her that I like her..

it's been two weeks from this incident and I haven't talked to her..

so question is would it better to date this girl ?

thanks for reading ^_^


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  • Why would it be a red flag? Some girls just understand guys better, it's generally how she was raised which is why this was the case.

    Although, it kinda looks like she isn't really interested in dating, you can ask her, there is no harm in that, just be prepared for a no answer.

    • If she doesn't care about me then why should I care about her ? plus she was very interested to see me and hang out with me but I can't let that girl walk over me like that again :(

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  • She said don't like her- that's a red flag

    That means she's doesn't like you

    However if she's asking to hangout so she thinks you two are friends


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  • I wouldn't. She kind of already said that she didn't want to date you.