What advice can you give to a texting amateur?

Im a confident guy but in front of this girl my knees start shaking.

I've never text and now need some help.

Met a girl at the party and had a great time with her.

01:00am - HER- "heey Nick :) How are you doing? Alive? Ahaha"

03:00am - ME - "Hahaha I'm so so 50/50. How are you?"

06:00pm - HER- "I'm good :) and you?

06:00pm - HER- "A little bit of hangover. Ahahahah"


Now its 07:00 am one day later. My phone was dead so I couldn't reply to her message. I'm going away on a 4 day snowboarding trip and might see her when I'm back at a mutual friend's party.

Since now is a new day should I reply to her OLD message or write a NEW one?

If I'll ask again how are you that would be WEIRD.

Please help me with examples with how I can get it started.


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  • Send her another text joking about why you didn't reply.. something like "sorry I didn't reply the other day as you can see it took me x amount of hours to recover from the night. What you been up to? :) ". No girl likes being ignored.. especially not over text messages. Be a descriptive text person and don't just write short stuff all the time. You won't appear as clingy or over eager. You'd appear as someone that pays attention (which girls love) and that's interesting. It's so annoying when guys just text these basic sentences, it's like HELLO can't you be a bit more entertaining to text. Also make use of smiley faces.. it's a good way of appearing as friendly which makes it easier for us to talk to you.


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  • Why didn't you reply? Girls don't like being ignored... so I suggest you text her back.

    Say something like "blame my phone for not letting me text you :p" or "sorry for the late reply" or

    just simply say "hey hows it going?" If you want to be funny, you can text her "hey stranger its been a long time since we've talked :)" ovbiously its a joke.

    I tried. Good luck.


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    firstly u

    - answered at 3 in the morning da fak

    -The thread is dead don't reply

    - brb don''t text to much otherwise you have sh*t all to talk about in real life

    get back to reality son.

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