Going on another date with her. What should I do now?

I went on a date with a girl last Friday, it was a spontaneous decision and she wasn't expecting it. Well the date went well, all the good signs of a successful date; a hug afterward (No kiss or anything since it was a first date), her expression of having a good time (About an hour after the date was over, she contacted me), and expressing that she looks forward to the next one. Well we texted for a few days afterward. We haven't texted much since Monday night and I am assuming that life is just busy. Wednesday night, at my Church's youth group, she parked next to me when there was an entire parking lot available and the place that I parked was towards the back (Quite out of the way as well). After youth group ended, as we were walking out she made asked who else was drawing on my car because she had drawn a smiley face on it a few months ago, but there were also drawings that she didn't make. I did my best to scrap the others ones off while leaving hers (I figured it would win me so points with her), but she has yet to see this. I am thinking about going on another date with her Sunday evening. How can I handle this situation in a way that would make a steady relationship more likely?


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  • Well, you ask her out on a date and you be nice to her, sweet, flirty and respectful. That could improve your chances. But you can be Mr. Gentleman all you want, if she's not feeling the vibe, you won't get a big chance of getting into a serious relationship with her.

    I suggest just do as you do now, go on dates, keep on texting and meeting up, be sweet and flirty and who knows ;-)


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