How to have the talk without stressing it out?

the idea of the defining the relationship talk scares me but I've been seeing this guy a while now and he's shy when it comes to all this kind of stuff I think it's his first time doing the dating thing we text a lot but texting doesn't always go somewhere we hangout a bit too. I'm getting tired of the whole texting and not knowing where things are going.

how would you like to have the talk with a girl?

I don't want to stress the whole thing just a simply want to know what he wants or if its just a bit of funn to him without stressing it..

thanks guyss :)


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  • oh gosh, well, I've always been of the opinion that a guy needs to initiate...but with shy guys you have to give them a nudge :p how long have you guys been seeing each other?

    If he drops a "we," you can playfully ask him about what the we is...or if you guys are just relaxing, not really saying much, just like lying in bed and snuggling or something, you could shyly say, "I really like this...I'm serious about what we're doing, what do you think?" I think you do have to admit that you're serious, because otherwise it sounds like an accusatory question instead of an offering...

    Answer my question please? :]


  • it seems like it would be very hard to have the talk with someone when they don't listen most of the time

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