Why does my boyfriend question my texts, then tells me to behave then repeatedly tell me I better not be cheat

Every time I get a text late at night or anytime in the day when he's around, he would ask me who it is, when I tell him the truth like I do. He'll say are you sure your not Txting anyone you shouldn't be Txting, even if my best friend who is a girl text me late in the night he flips out. Which I don't understand but it's OK for his boys to text him late in the night, but his like they txtin me to get online to play Xbox. What's the difference why should I get in trouble cause my girl calls or text just to talk. Then when I'm not around his like you better behave and not be doing anything your not supposed to do, then he sits there say I better not be cheating on him, cause a couple of times I fell asleep while we were Txting at like 2am I had to be at work at 6am so I was tired plus up with my son since he wasn't feeling well. I hate this feeling that he does not trust Me and I remind him every day how much I love him, my actions even show my love for him, but his blinded. He has no trust for me, I trust him with everything and I never question that, some say he might have a guilty conscious and that's why his getting on me, if I were to ask or do what he does to me he would say are you doin something you shouldn't be doin, if not then why are askin or questioning me. I feel lost losing my mind... I even had an anxiety attack yesterday out of no where cause we got into a fight and he accused me of cheating and hiding things cause I slept in that day cause my son was sick and he text me while I was sleeping. Yes I turned my phone silent cause my son was laying with me and I didn't want to wake my one 1/2 year old whos sick. He acts like when he texts or calls I should drop everything for him, but he doesn't do the same for me. He just seems insecure needy selfish and self-centered... please help!


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  • He sounds like a raging control freak and a hypocrite. He wants his freedom, but god forbid you demand yours! You can't make him trust you, but relationships are built on trust and I would consider leaving if I felt my man didn't trust me. Honey, I'd leave ASAP, because you're not getting what you deserve, and this man thinks his needs should come before your child's! He doesn't seem capable of giving...he IS very selfish. You can do better!

    Maybe he does have a guilty conscience because of something he did, but I would also worry that if you become more serious with him he will start lashing out or hurting you physically if he thinks you were unfaithful.

    To put it in one word, he sounds abusive! What do your friends think of him? They probably have a good read on what's going on...

    • answer my question please? :] link

    • My friends and family believe and knw I can do better and deserve better. He is very controlling selfish self-centered. He is abusive mentally physically emotionally and verbally. He has down some cruel things to me, I try so hard not to be on his level. I lost control and punched him but I was defending myself I felt so bad after I did it that I decided to leave with my son. Later on that day he went on fb and bashed me telling everyone I was crazy and punched him but left out he attacked me.

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  • well said, however I would say it is insecurity mainly, which leads to the trust issues. He does not expect you to do it, because in his own mind he is doing nothing wrong.

    You need to have a long talk with him how you feel and he needs to trust you. You are your own person like him and you don't need someone to watch everything you do. If he can not get over the trust issues, then you need to rethink your relationship.

    if he can get past that, your in good shape.

    good luck and happy holidays!

    • Thank you, even talked with him about it and how it hurts my feelings. It's like his one sided he only see his ways and thinks nothing wrong what he says or feels.

    • Time to let him know you deserve better.

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  • "he sits there say I better not be cheating on him"

    Who the f*** is this guy to threaten you like this. If my boyfriend was throwing bitter remarks at me like this, I'd dump his insecure ass. No way I'd EVER cheat on him but who the hell is a guy to try to step on me and treat me like his property. I'm no one's thing, so why treat me like one?

    • You couldn't say it any better, easier said then done to leave I love him so much he is so good to my son but then again his not if he disrespects me. I can't take this anymore. I'm 26 educated smart outgoing beautiful, I deserve better. I would never cheat on someone I love that's not in my nature.

    • Well said. I sure hope you'll find your special someone soon, or that it'll end up settling nicely with that guy. You sure deserve better than what you're getting now, so keep that in mind when stuff like that is thrown at you. Good luck!

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