How to get my first kiss from the guy I like?

well there's this guy I like a lot and he knows and I ever since I told him he's been touchy saying I look good and pretty , also hugging me and stuff . Now when when my friend asked him if he liked me he said its not a no and it not yes . So I'm guessing since all this stuff happen after is a good sign? But my main question is OK I never kissed anyone before and I really want to kiss him but I'm to scared to make the first move. So how do I hit to him that I want him to kiss me first? What do I have to do ? How can I tell he wants to kiss?please help


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  • First, are you two BF/GF?

    Secondly I suggest you wait for him to make the first move, I was like you with my boyfriend but eventually he kissed me, of course with a little push from his friend that I am friends with, if you two are boyfriend and girlfriend and you two have a friend in common I suggest you tell that friend to hint out that you want to kiss, that's what my friend did with my boyfriend and i, but I think you should only do that if you guys are dating. I don't think you should make the first move if you guys aren't dating yet, my friend did that to a guy she liked, and now its really awkward for them to be around each other because both of them are my friends.

    Hope this helped :)