Should I text this girl I like while she's on vacation? I want her to miss me :)

I've been texting this girl back and forth for about 2 months now. I wasn't that interested in her at first, but now I have a huge crush on her. Unfortunately, she seemed more interested in me when we first started texting trying to get to know me better and whatnot. Now she will give short answers midway into the conversation and it dies. She's always the one starting the conversation and she texts me everyday even now. She's going on vacation for 5 days and I'm wondering if I shouldn't text her to see if she starts to miss me. I sent a text just a little bit ago telling her to have a good time and I left it at that. text or not to text?


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  • Don't text her. Make her miss you. Let her be the one to text you first when she comes back.


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