Is he worth the wait?

I am 21 years old and so is the guy I am into. This is my first time taking things slow with a guy, but is this start off beginning too slow?

We have been seeing each other at social events on and off, so it isn't like we don't know each other. This past week we kissed for the first time and I stayed over his place. We didn't do anything but make out which is fine by me. He lent me a book (which I found genuine, since I like to read), but I left it at his place. I told him to stop by my place to give me the book later that day and he did. We talked briefly and I thought we would kiss again, but we didn't.

Puzzled after he left, I texted him stating: "Why didn't you kiss me? :)" And he responded stating that he thinks things are moving too fast. I was taken back by this, since it's just a kiss. But I could be wrong..

I responded saying, "that's fine, I understand."

What are your thoughts on this? Is he into me?


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  • Only you can answer the question if he's worth the wait. If you genuinely like him, you'll go at his pace. It seems like even though you already know each other, you still aren't dating yet. Yeah, you had a night with some making out, but you've not really been on a date, right? Try to get a couple dates with him. I'm sure he'll be more relaxed by then, and if he likes you, you'll start to move faster. If you move too fast, he'll think of you differently and you might lose a chance with him entirely because he'll think you're a different type of girl than what he's apparently looking for.

    • Thank you for this. I just needed a logical answer and stating that it isn't even in a dating phase clarified a lot. Simple and succinct, thanks!

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  • If he ain't me, then no!

  • I don't understand what is fast? Kisses are normal at the beginning .. More dates will solve your dilemma.


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