Guy doesn't kiss you?

Wpuld a guy like you and be with you for 3 months and not even kiss you in private? I know he likes me, could he just not like kissing?

I asked him for a kiss and he said not right not (like he was anxious) isn't the first time I asked him. In the 3 months we've been seeing each other we have kissed one.


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  • that is very weird...i would think he would try to at least cop a feel plus kissing is the first step, have you been sexual with him?


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  • You know, guys get bashed for going too fast in a potential relationship.

    I doubt that he wouldn't mind kissing you, he might just be nervous to do it?

    Otherwise it could be that he doesn't want to rush anything.


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  • 1. He's inexperienced w women and super nervous about getting physical w you a virgin maybe?

    2. He's just not that into you and is hanging out w you as friends.

    3. He has horrible breathe.

    4. You have horrible breathe.

    5. He's gay.

    The only way to know for sure is to ask him. 3 months is a very long time to have no physical intimacy. Seriously WTF?