Guys, what are some ways you like a girl to act on a first date?

So me and a guy met online about 6 weeks ago. We have not met in person yet and he finally asked if we can meet up.

I'm 21 and I have had 2 long serious relationships. I have been single for a year now and have been asked on dates but I never accepted because for once in my life I felt like I could breathe again. Now I am ready to date.

I'm a funny, girlie girl, love to dress to impress. 5'4ft, brunette, light skin, 120lbs. Now this guy is like 6ft, 21yrs old, athletic.

That's just to give you guys an idea.

Now, any suggestions on how to go about this? Most guys I dated in my life I have met through a friend or from my city. This is a first for me.


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  • Since you don't know each other in any real way, take things slow. Remember it's a first date, even if you've chatted a lot online. Since you've had other relationships, yoou should know what to watch out for, so take your time and check for those red flags you']ve run into previously.


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