City girls, what's critical and what's a deal breaker in your future husband?

It's easy in the big cities to get well into your 30s having fun just dating, but when it comes to settling down, what do you look for in a guy and what are definite no's?

How would you rank them and what are the intangibles and what have I missed? (Looks, successful, outgoing personality, courteous & respectful, caring nurturing, bold & daring, reliable, outgoing & fun, talkative or shy...)

At what age do the above change in terms of wants and priorities?

What age guy, relative to your own age, (ex. 10 years older...) would you consider or rule out for a first date and for long term dating/ settling down?

Don't hold back here, just answer anonymously and you can be as superficial as you want. :)


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  • After dating quite a bit and making numerous mistakes along the way, the only quality that is a best is that he must love me and care about me. It sounds like a given, but I've been in plenty of situations where I care more and end up hurt because he didn't lover the way I needed him to.

    He's needs to be



    Sense of humor

    What we want in life must be similar

    Similar taste of what's fun

    Similar social circles

    I don't care how he looks except he can't be shorter than me. I'm 5'6.

    I just want someone who loves me

    • Stated very well. It's good to hear someone with a good head on their shoulders on this website.


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