Everything was going great, then my best guyfriend stopped talking to me?

my best guyfrnd used to text me almost everyday, He used to message me a simple hiii after his tuitions get over everyday. He is kind of guy who don't like to show that he cares. As my birthday is near, I msged him "5 days left" he replied "Dont expect nything frm me on your birthday. I may nt even wish u:p" I saidv "whteva. dis won't ruin my birthday." He msged"wht if It gt ruined?" I said I don't know frm nxt day he started igoring my calls & msgs. I asked him reason. He said he wants to fully concentrate on studies that's why didn't reply

I really can't get over him. He has become a part of my life..He used to tell me almost each and every incident of his life, no matter its gud or bad..! :( He is really special to me..I can't let him go:(


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  • wow you two have a weird friendship going on...

    maybe you hurt him in some way and he is waiting for you to understand and say sorry?

    • wierd? yea! maybe..:p well, he is not in my class, he's one class ahead of me..He is my senior & our frndshp is popular I whole school. some mistake us fr girlfriend boyfriend too:p that doesn't matter.. He knows me more than I know myself..He cares for me a lot but tries to hide it. Maybe when I yelled at him on sports day hurted him..I ws going upstairs..He was with his basketball team, he started teasing me and I turned back & said shut up and his frnds started laughing and I ran up. I said sorry when I came down.:(

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  • ''Dont expect nything frm me on your birthday. I may nt even wish u:p"

    That sounds like a sadistic to me.

  • There is something going on that you don't know


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