I feel awkward cuddling sometimes...?

I haven't really been in too many relationships...two in high school and one that continued into college. I have been single for about three years and well, I feel kind of awkward cuddling sometimes. Is this natural? Maybe it is because I am used to having a bed to myself and what not. Any advice for this...will this get better? thx.


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  • I've noticed that I feel awkward and weird cuddling when I don't actually like the person. There have been times I'd be cuddling with a guy and it just didn't feel right and I had the same question you did. But then I met someone and it just felt right. It could just be that. Since the first few times I hung out with my boyfriend cuddling was amazing right away and I used that to realize I really did like him.


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  • not every1 feels comfortable with cuddling so its not wierd.

    maybe it will change in time and maybe not.

    personaly as a guy I can tell you for sure that most guys DO like cuddling so I would suggest you to try and change dislike for cuddling if you can.

    if you really don't like it you don't have too.


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  • Relax and don't think. Just enjoy having someone's arms tightly around you

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