Have you ever talked to someone online and found out they weren't who they said they were?

Yes, I am in love with the movie/show catfish. If you've never watched it, I reccommend you at least watch the movie sometime, its really interesting. Its basically about people that were friends/dating online and they finally get to meet up and see if they are who they say they were. Usually its the total opposite. Anyone have this happen to them?


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  • Yes I have!

    But that guy was really, really weird. We didn't date, we were just talking and was friends through MSN for about three years. So we got to know each other very well (or at least, I got to know that imaginary guy).

    He told me he lived in Japan and was a homosexual and his boyfriend used to hit him. And all his relatives and familyfriends called him "ugly" and didn't want anything to do with him. he also was handicapped and sat in a wheel chair. And I doooon't know how I could swallow this story...

    He also told me that he suffered from mythomania (when you canät stop lying about things) and schizofrenia (when you either have a split personality or suffer from delusions).

    About a year later or so, he told me that he was moving to Canada to become a fire fighter.

    He never wanted to show himself in the web cam, just sended ranom pics of "himself" (that clearly wasn't him after I busted him).

    I stopped using MSN for a while because it got a bit boring...

    But after a long time I decided to log in a again and see if he was still using it, and he was! So I quickly started a conversation with him to see what he was up to. And by this time I was quite aware that he was fake after some thinking.

    I asked if he had a Facebook, and he said yes. So I searched for "his" name but no one came up.

    And that was the time when he finally told me that he wasn't who I thaught he was. He was not Japanese and actually a GIRL. And the list of lies goes on... I even got to know her real name.

    So that was kinda disappointing, even though I saw that coming.


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  • Nope.

  • No

  • Yes -_- I was talking to who I thought was an 18 year old girl on here once. It turned out to be a 38 year old guy. He thought it was hallarious. I didnt.


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  • Yes and no. Turns out he wasn't who I made him out to be.

  • no, hasn't happened to me.

    You kind of ruined the whole appeal of Catfish...thinking the movie is about one thing but it develops into something else...that was one of the things I liked most about it...

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