Is he still interested? or?


so, this guy and I went on a blind date 4 months ago. We lived in the same city for about 2 months then he had to move 3 hours away. We talked on the phone every single day, he says good morning every single morning and he phones about 3-4 times a week for about an hour and half. he's very sweet and really reliable. He's very straight forward as well, if I ask him to phone and he doens't feel like it he just says "not tonight". the one other thing about him is he is divorced, I'm not his rebound he's dated about 4 girls since his divorce finalized 2 years ago. it was a very quick marriage, he's young.

Anyways, on Friday he sent me a message asking me how my day was, made fun of something I had said the night before when he fell asleep, I didn't respond because I was shopping, later he sent me another message about 3 hours later asking me what I was doing today? I responded and he didn't... and then a few hours went by, and then a few more. now its Sunday so 2 days and not a word.

I called him and he didn't answer so I sent him a message that said " I've sent you way to many text messages, call me back, miss you!"

and then, no response. my friend sent him a message from a number he wouldn't recognize, she was thinking he would say " who is this?" if it was just simply ignoring me. but no response either.

what do you think? he's just disappeared poof! and he always said that no women deserves to be disappeared on she should just be broken up with... I'm confused.


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  • Simple answer is yes you are being ignored. No idea why but yes you are

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