How is even remotely possible for people to?

... For people to assume, with 100% certainty, that if someone is of a certain race, then they have a certain personality? It's so offensive!

I came across this question and read some answers. I'm totally shocked!


The personalities these people describe are like the literal opposite of my and 50% (haha) of all my black girl friends' personalities!

Come on people.

Doesn't it suck to be stereotyped (I know everyone gets stereotyped)?

Anyway, I don't really care to date any guy outside of my race (although I'm dating one now) but I wonder what the average (non-black) guy thinks of black women. Is it the normal woman stereotype or is it that, plus more wacky stuff?

Can you guys, or girls, list some stuff you've heard and then list the ones you believe are true?



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  • Because sometimes people have a certian image of certian people in there head. Based on things they have heard from others. Or the way they saw that race potrayed in the media. And may have never actually met anyone like them in person to break away the stereotype.

    • On paper, that sounds reasonable. From my personal experience, that is a weak excuse.

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